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Hereford Jr. High School

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Science 7th grade/Humanities 6th and 7th grade

After attending Rider High School in Wichita Falls, TX, Campbell attended college at West Texas A&M University graduating with a Bachelors of Science degree in Education.  She has taught at Hereford Junior High for 11 years.  Mrs. Campbell has taught many subjects, but for the last 7 years has taught 7th grade Science.   Mrs. Campbell also has the honor of teaching Humanities to 6th and 7th graders.  This is a continuation of the Pegasus class from area elementary schools
Each class has a syllabus containing the key ideas that will be taught during this class from 2019- 2020. The GT syllabus is for Humanities and the Science syllabus for 7th grade is almost identical for all 7th grade Science teachers. The syllabus links are posted below.