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Emily Cook » 7th Grade Math Mavericks

7th Grade Math Mavericks

  Monday/Wednesday/Friday   Tuesday/Thursday  
1st Period
1st Period
8:15-9:02 PLC(Meeting w/other teachers)
2nd Period 9:19-10:06 2nd Period 9:40-10:23 Math Mavericks
3rd Period 10:10-10:57 3rd Period 10:27-11:10 Math Mavericks
4th Period-6th Grade Lunch 11:01-11:48 4th Period-6th Grade Lunch   11:14-11:57 Conference
4th Period-7th Grade Lunch 11:52-12:39 4th Period-7th Grade Lunch 12:01-12:44 Lunch
5th Period 12:43-1:30 5th Period 12:48-1:30 Math Mavericks
6th Period 1:34-2:21 6th Period 1:34-2:21 Math Mavericks
7th Period 2:25-3:12 7th Period 2:25-3:12 Math Mavericks
8th Period 3:16-4:03 8th Period 3:16-4:03 Math Mavericks 
This is Mrs. Cook's third year of teaching and her second year teaching here at Hereford Junior High. She received her Bachelors in General Studies with an emphasis in Math Education from West Texas A&M in August of 2015. Mrs. Cook grew up in Jacksonville, Texas and graduated from Jacksonville High School in May of 2012. In her free time, Mrs. Cook enjoys participating in the High Plains Thunderbird club and car shows with her husband, Nick. Mrs. Cook's goal is to help all students learn to love math!
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Emily Cook
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