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Rhonda Curtsinger » Mrs. Curtsinger's 7th Grade Math & Math Mavericks

Mrs. Curtsinger's 7th Grade Math & Math Mavericks


This is Mrs. Curtsinger's 11th year at Hereford Junior High and 16th year teaching at Hereford ISD. Mrs. Curtsinger teaches 7th Grade Math and Math Mavericks.

She was born, raised and graduated from High School in Springdale, Arkansas in the beautiful Ozark Mountains. Her husband, Sam works in the Technology Department for HISD. During his career, he spent many years as a computer programmer and Information Technology Director. 
She has a Bachelor's Degree in Education from the University of Arkansas and Oklahoma State University. She has a Master's Degree in Instructional Design and Technology from West Texas A&M University. 

There are resources on this page that will be helpful to both parents and students.

math games
This online game will help with our one-variable, two-step equations unit:
Need Math Help
A resource I recommend is a new program created by a great Math advocate at WTAMU, Alejandro Magallanes. This is a program that can be accessed via the internet at:
EasyMath also created phone apps. When conducting a search for their app, type in EasyMath with no spaces, and look for this icon:
EasyMath icon
There are instructional videos as well as an opportunity to ask them a "math question".  EasyMath also has a Facebook page, @easymath.
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