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Hereford Jr. High School

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Predenia Grantham » Mrs. Grantham's 7th ELAR & Stampede to Read

Mrs. Grantham's 7th ELAR & Stampede to Read

Class Periods M/W/F                                           T/TH                                 
Adv. ELAR 8:15-9:02  Advisory 9:02-9:15     8:15-9:02                                                            
Adv. ELAR 9:19-10:06                                   9:40-10:23
PLC 10:10-10:57                                 10:27-11:10                 
Adv. ELAR 11:01-11:48                                  11:14-11:57
Lunch 11:52-12:39                                  12:01-12:44
STR 12:43-1:30                                    12:48-1:30
STR 1:34-2:21                                      1:34-2:21
STR 3:16-4:03                                       3:16-4:03
Mrs. Grantham is entering her 12th year of teaching at Hereford Junior High campus and loves everything about reading and writing. The educational scale for her includes graduating from Wayland Baptist University with a Bachelor of Arts and Kaplan University with a Masters of Science in Higher Education and Leadership. 
Mrs. Grantham enjoys reading a large variety of novels as a hobby; tries to read at least 3 hours a day (during the summer) leaving time for family. During the school year she practices reading 1 hour daily.