7th Grade Texas History Syllabus

7th Grade Texas History Syllabus


In Texas History we find out how our past relates to our present. This year your child will be studying events in Texas’ history from the indigenous people to contemporary Texas.


Contact Information

Chelsea Haarmann: ChelseaHaarmann@herefordisd.net

Parent/Teacher Conferences are by appointment during conference period.

Haarmann: M,W,F  9:20 - 9:50

7th Grade Texas History Departmental Grading Procedures

  • We will be following the district policy of at least 2 grades per week and at least 2 test grades per 6 week period.
  • Daily grades make up 40% of your students grade. The test grades make up the other 60%. This makes test grades very important; test reviews are given the day before tests and are very important for students to participate on that day.
  • One of these weekly grades will be a point total of smaller activities such as small group talk, quick writes, oral responses, short quizzes, and/or computer activities. The other will be a stand-alone assignment.
  • Late work will be permitted, but there will be a reduction in points of 10 points per day after the due date. After 3 days the highest grade a student can make is a 70.
  • Our tests will be in any combination of essay, fill in the blank, map or multiple choice covering the information gathered in that unit.
  • Students will be allowed to retake tests if they come in for tutorials after school on Thursday until 4:30, on Friday mornings at 7:30, or during lunch when advance notice is given.
  • If a student has failed a test they can get their grade up to a 70 if they pass the retake.
  • If a student chooses to retake a test and they passed it the first time the test grades will be averaged together for their actual grade.
  • Hands-on or electronic projects will count as test grades in the gradebook. These projects will have clearly defined rubrics for expected work.
    • Group projects will also include a peer review grade where the student shall “grade” the other members of their group. This will be a daily grade, not part of the test grade.

Texas History Discipline Rules and Procedures:

As a Social Studies department Mr. Miller, Ms. Haarmann and Mr. Gamble expect your child to follow these responsibilities.

  • Walk into the classroom properly.
  • Have their needed materials.
  • Be respectful in and out of the class.
  • Turn in important papers.
  • Take care of restroom business during the passing period.
  • Show up for their after-school detention if they have received one.

In the event that your child is in violation of the Texas History Department Discipline Plan our procedures are as follows:

  • First offense is a warning.
    • This will be written down and kept on record.
  • Second offense is a 15-minute detention after school.
    • I will be calling you the day before your child’s detention.
    • Detentions will be with me on a Tuesday or a Thursday.
  • Third is 30-minute detention after school.
    • I will be calling you the day before your child’s detention.
    • Detentions will be with me on a Tuesday or a Thursday.
  • Any offense after the third offense is an office referral.

There is a separate Texas History Chromebook Discipline Plan. You will receive a misconduct mark as well as privileges taken away in the event your child violates our discipline plan the following actions will occur.

  • Any unauthorized computer use for the first offense in a warning.
  • Any unauthorized computer use for the second offense you will lose the computer privileges for two weeks. (You will still be required to complete all online tasks on your own or on paper.)
  • Any unauthorized computer use for the third offense will result in alternative lessons and use of computer prohibited for the Texas History Department.

Google Chromebook Rules, Regulations & Agreements:

Please read over the information below. In order to use the Google Chromebook for required class activities, you must be responsible for adhering to these rules and policies at all times. Remember, the device is at all times property of Hereford ISD, not your personal device.  Violation of these regulations can result in loss of the device &/or void the warranty.  Thank you.

  • Only use the device that is assigned specifically to you; do not let other students use or borrow your device.
  • Never leave your device unattended. Do not place books or other items on top of the device.
  • Only use the device for school work.
  • Follow the teacher’s instructions and procedures for using and storing devices.
  • If you notice that something is wrong with the device, report to your teacher immediately.
  • You will be held responsible for any damages to your assigned device.  
  • No food or drinks allowed around the devices.
  • Follow all HISD policies and school rules pertaining to the use of technology.

Students must:

  • Respect and protect their own privacy and the privacy of others.

○ Use only your assigned accounts.

○ Keep personal information such as: name, address, phone number, etc., offline.

○ Keep passwords secret.

○ Have permission to photograph, videotape and post images or videos of people to the Internet.

  • Respect and protect the integrity, availability, and security of all electronic resources.

○ Conserve, protect, and share these resources with other students and Internet users.

○ HISD isn’t responsible for damages to personal technologies or electronic communication devices.

○ Treat digital technologies with care, report any damages, security risks or violations immediately.

  • Respect and protect the copyrighted/intellectual property of others.

○ Cite all sources appropriately. Follow all copyright laws.

○ Use electronic communication devices appropriately to assure academic integrity.

  • Respect and practice the principles of community.

○ Communicate only in ways that are kind, responsible, respectful and lawful.

○ Use electronic communication devices for schoolwork only.

○ Hereford ISD email should be used for schoolwork only.

○ Report threatening or offensive materials to a teacher or administrator.

E-mail Usage

  • The primary purpose of the student electronic mail system is for students to communicate with school staff, outside resources related to school assignments, and fellow students to collaborate on school activities..
  • Access to e-mail is given to students who agree to act in a considerate and responsible manner. Access is a privilege – not a right. Access entails responsibility.
  • Students are responsible for messages sent from their accounts.
  • Students should not share their passwords.
  • Students should not give out personal information over email, including home telephone numbers or home addresses.
  • Students will not use email to bully, harass, or threaten other students or individuals, send chain letters, viruses, or hoaxes to other students or staff.
  • Email accounts are filtered and messages written containing inappropriate language or content will be flagged.
  • Student email is provided by the district and is district property. Hereford ISD reserves the right to archive, monitor and/or review all use of its email system, and users should not have any expectation of privacy in any electronic message created, sent or received on the District’s email system.