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Hereford Jr. High School

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Welcome To Mrs. Pegg's Website

Mrs. Pegg has been with Hereford ISD since August of 2015. Mrs. Pegg graduated from West Texas A&M with a Bachelor's in Applied Arts and Sciences with a focus on general education. She is certified EC-6 all subjects and 4-8 generalist. She teaches Texas History and Skills for Success and Careers at Hereford Jr. High.
Texas History is mostly about Native Americans, Spanish Conquistadors, Texas as a part of Mexico, Texas as its own country, Texas in the Civil War, Texas cowboy adventures with cotton, cattle and railroads, Texas in the Civil Rights Movement, and Texas today.  
Skills for Success and Careers is a project-based elective that teaches students skills that will allow students to become confident and respectful young adults. Skills for Success and Careers is a semester-long class that focuses on overcoming obstacles and focusing on what you can do. Through this course, we are working on gaining confidence, developing a positive attitude, and understanding and showing respect.  In this class, we learn conflict resolution skills and problem-solving skills. The rest of the course is exploring careers and financial literacy. Students are able to discover and learn about many different careers and what the requirements are to become part of that career. Once we have explored our careers we move on to financial literacy and use one of the careers we like best to play a virtual Game of Life. This will reinforce important concepts such as financial independence, smart money choices, understanding loans, understanding how credit cards work, and how to keep a budget.