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Hereford Jr. High School

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Gayla Mcmillin » Welcome to Mrs. McMillin's 6th Grade Science

Welcome to Mrs. McMillin's 6th Grade Science

 Schedule (M-W-F)                              (T-Th)
1st period ----8:15-9:02                         1st period---8:15-9:02
Advisory------9:02-9:15                          Herd Roundup---9:02-9:36
2nd period---9:19-10:06                         2nd period---9:40-10:23
3rd period---10"10-10:57                       3rd period---10:27-11:10
6th grade lunch--11:01-11:48                 6th grade lunch--11:14-11:57
4th period--- 11:52-12:39                        4th period---12:01-12:44
5th conference--12:43-1:30                    5th conference---12:48-1:30  
6th period--1:34-2:21                              6th period---1:34-2:21
7th period---2:25-3:12                             7th period---2:25-3:12
8th period---3:16-4:03                             8th period---3:16-4:03
Mrs. McMillin graduated from the University of Texas of the Permian Basin with a Bachelor of Science degree.  In 2015, after teaching in McKinney, Texas, she moved to Hereford and became a part of the Hereford Junior High.