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Hereford Jr. High School

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Gayla McMillin » Welcome to Mrs. McMillin's 6th Grade Science

Welcome to Mrs. McMillin's 6th Grade Science

 Schedule (M-W-F)                              (T-Th)
1st period ----8:15-9:02                         1st period---8:15-9:02
Advisory------9:02-9:15                          Herd Roundup---9:02-9:36
2nd period---9:19-10:06                         2nd period---9:40-10:23
3rd period---10"10-10:57                       3rd period---10:27-11:10
6th grade lunch--11:01-11:48                 6th grade lunch--11:14-11:57
4th period--- 11:52-12:39                        4th period---12:01-12:44
5th conference--12:43-1:30                    5th conference---12:48-1:30  
6th period--1:34-2:21                              6th period---1:34-2:21
7th period---2:25-3:12                             7th period---2:25-3:12
8th period---3:16-4:03                             8th period---3:16-4:03

McMillin’s 6th Grade Science Syllabus




Contact Information:

Gayla McMillin

My email address is


Parent/Teacher Conferences -- by appointment. I am available Monday through Thursday from 1:00-1:30 pm.


Grading Policy:

Six Weeks grades consist of 2 daily grades per week and 2 test grades. A test grade will be given in each 3-week period.


Tests = 60%

         Class notes, textbooks and a study guide will help the student to prepare for the tests. Occasionally, projects will count as a test grade and a rubric will be given to guide their work.


All students that score below an 80 may request a retest to improve their test scores. Students must first attend at least one tutorial (depending on their needs) and then they may schedule a retest. Retests will be given during tutorials. The highest grade they can receive on a retest is an 80. A lower grade, than their original grade will not be taken.


Daily Grades = 40%

         Daily grades will consist of bell work, exit tickets, quizzes, journal writings, textbook work, and hands-on-activities.


Classroom Rules:

The following are our daily rules that need to be implemented to keep an organized and efficient classroom. These are my expectations from you as a student.The student will be given a Teacher 10 (lunch detention) for not following the classroom rules.


  1.      Come to class prepared—Bring your supplies
  2.      Listen and follow directions
  3.      Raise your hand before speaking or leaving your seat
  4.      No side conversations, except when instructed
  5.      Respect your classmates and your teacher
  6.      Keep hands, feet, and objects to yourself


The key word to following these rules is respect.




Together we will grow and become more than we are now.

Let’s prepare for the awesome year ahead of us! 










Mrs. McMillin graduated from the University of Texas of the Permian Basin with a Bachelor of Science degree.  In 2015, after teaching in McKinney, Texas, she moved to Hereford and became a part of the Hereford Junior High.